Phones are playing an essential role within our society, mainly in the technology era. Additionally to luxurious phones, inventors also introduce crazy types of phones for users who wish to have unique phones. Here is the gathering of weirdest phones around the globe.

The snake-phone produced by Product Visionaries curled around users’ entire arm, which phone would most likely be considered a hit with individuals who wish to possess a strange model.

Snake Phone

When Nokia conceptualized the Morph mobile phone, it tended to exhibit how nanotechnology can significantly alter portable electronics. The Morph consists of transparent and versatile material, is self-cleaning, and includes nano-sensors which might gain knowledge from the atmosphere.

Nokia Morph

This idea phone, produced by Parkoz Hardware, is among the strangest phones from the world.

Transformer Phone

Here’s another hockey-puck concept phone and it was created by Jamie Lawrence. This slider’s two glossy halves separate to show a little touchscreen.

Awesome Design, No Frills

This O2 Cell phone was inspired through the “molecule esthetics” from the oxygen molecule and produced by Tjep Design. Furthermore, it features a screen along with a keypad.

The O2 Cell phone

This product known as the Pebble phone first made an appearance in the technology trade event CEATEC 2009. The Fujitsu concept includes a black blob encased in rounded glass. Dragging the blob to various areas on the telephone causes it to morph into different screens, together with a keypad, a media player, along with a Internet browser.

Pebble Phone: Blobby and Mysterious

Inside this touchscreen phone known as Bend in contact, Ukrainian designer Andy Kurovets places a pop-out display which doubles the screen property from the device. While one screen handles Internet tasks, the 2nd can show a relevant video. The Curvature in contact also includes a pop-out camera and flash.